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Sellers: Staging Matters


Sellers: Staging Matters

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One of our recent listings sat on the market all last year with another company. Other homes in the neighborhood sold within a reasonable time yet this home sat for over 12 months without any offers. It was very clear to us what was missing.

Our team took over the listing and coordinated fresh contemporary paint, some minor repairs and lighting improvements and fully staged every room of the home. We put the home back on the market, launched an aggressive internet advertising campaign and it went under contract (over the asking price) in two days.

I've heard many clients tell us that other Realtors have told them "You don't need staging" or "Staging doesn't work" or "Your furniture is fine" . . . Nothing could be further from the truth.

Staging matters.

It matters so much, I insist on paying for it for all of our listings to ensure it gets done the right way. And we fully professionally stage... every room... not just the living room and primary bedroom. In the warmer months, we bring in outdoor furniture, plants and lifestyle accessories for the photo shoot. Staging and photo-styling matters even more in a high interest rate environment. Buyers are more particular and want to see the best use and seating configuration for each room in the home.

Merchandising a property for sale is critical. This doesn't just mean some decluttering, DIY staging and cleaning. While on the market, your home is now a showroom. Homes that are "showroom ready" will have a better opportunity to get the best price and terms.

So, no matter who you hire, never let an agent tell you that professional staging doesn't matter. Staging is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for a successful sale in any market conditions.

Photo: Past Listing - Newlands Neighborhood in Boulder

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