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Weed Posse Volunteer Day

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Weed Posse Volunteer Day

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August 31, 2023 8:00 am - 10:00 am

River Parks area, pathway along western pond. Working toward the Clarifier.
Come join us. Bring a friend!

Lot going to seed now; we’ll clip/bag seeded plant tops,
pull or clip at the base, and leave the non-seeded green stuff to compost on site.

Can’t come Thursday mornings? Please email/message me with your time and locations for any independent weeding you do in parks, riparian areas or Town open or public spaces.
Our mission since starting in 2016 is to support the beauty, health and sustainability of Lyons ecosystems by manually removing toxic and invasive weeds (like knapweed, thistles, mullein, dalmation toadflax, curly dock, myrtle spurge, etc.), reducing the need for chemical treatments, and encouraging native plant growth.

Keeping our focus on the health and well-being of Lyons residents (people and wilder ones) as well. Building community.

Another big benefit is the joy and satisfaction of working together to produce visible results. We learn a lot about plant IDs, best tools and techniques from each other.

-The Weed Posse is part of Lyons Volunteers, which is now operating under LEAF.

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