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Ensuring the Vitality of the Real Estate Industry During Challenging Times


Ensuring the Vitality of the Real Estate Industry During Challenging Times

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In these unprecedented times, the real estate industry stands as one of the cornerstones of our local economy. A single real estate transaction has a far-reaching impact, providing income and jobs to a multitude of ancillary contractors, vendors, inspectors, lenders, insurance brokers, title companies, appraisers, radon experts, well and septic contractors, movers, photographers, stagers, and, of course, Realtors.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the real estate market in the Denver metro area remains remarkably robust. Demand persists, proving that the desire for safe and secure homes remains steadfast. It is our collective responsibility to take action to ensure the continued vitality of this industry. Failing to facilitate qualified individuals in their real estate endeavors could set in motion a negative domino effect that impacts everyone involved in the transaction.

Of course, it is imperative to acknowledge that the landscape has shifted dramatically in response to the new guidelines provided by the CDC to safeguard public health. We are not operating as we were a mere month ago. However, with intelligence, safety, and strategic planning, we can navigate these turbulent waters. Allowing the real estate market to falter would jeopardize a crucial pillar of our economy and society as a whole. At a time when "home" holds unprecedented significance, we cannot afford to neglect this vital industry.

Therefore, we earnestly implore our local governments to ensure that "stay at home" orders explicitly encompass our industry and all the auxiliary vendors who collaborate during a real estate transaction. This approach will serve the dual purpose of maintaining employment opportunities and fulfilling the fundamental need for "home" during these trying times.

Across the nation, our boards of Realtors and industry leaders have encountered similar challenges, battling to ensure the continued operation of our sector whenever such orders have been enforced. Our argument is both compelling and necessary, as it protects livelihoods and the broader economy. Nevertheless, why should we expend precious energy on this matter or subject our clients and contractors to undue uncertainty? Ambiguously worded orders concerning essential contractors create unnecessary fear, causing individuals to hesitate in performing their duties, fearing steep fines and legal repercussions.

We beseech our local governments to provide clear and unambiguous language in their directives so that we can work seamlessly during these difficult times. By doing so, we can channel our efforts toward addressing the numerous other obstacles that have arisen due to the current crisis. Let us unite to ensure that the real estate industry remains a steadfast pillar of our economy and a source of comfort and security for our communities. In these uncertain times, nothing is more important than the place we call "home."

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