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Buyers: Choose Your Realtor Wisely


Buyers: Choose Your Realtor Wisely

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When buying a home.... who you hire as your Realtor and the choices you make during the transaction matters. It matters a lot.

I have buyers under contract on a home that was purchased a few years ago. The sellers did not do inspections when they purchased the home. So, the sellers really didn't know what they were buying back then.

At our recommendation, our buyers did a full suite of inspections including traditional home inspection, roof contractor, sewer line scope, radon, asbestos, general contractor and licensed trades / expert opinions. And our team did a lot of research and due diligence on past documentation, permit history etc. These recommendations are standard operating procedure for our team.

Unfortunately, we discovered a plethora of issues that are costly. VERY costly. It's an unpleasant surprise to both buyer and the seller who wasn't aware of any of it.

Good negotiations and protecting the buyers best interest is not just about the home price. The market was very competitive the last few years. To be competitive, buyers made their offers more competitive by limiting conditions. A buyer doesn't have to ask for repairs or price concessions but they should still inspect the property. They should know everything about that home that they are inheriting because those old problems will automatically become the buyers new problems at closing.

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