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Boulder Named Most Expensive Real Estate Market in Colorado


Boulder Named Most Expensive Real Estate Market in Colorado

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Boulder is a beautiful community of about 100,000 residents “nestled between the mountains and reality.” It’s known for its scenic beauty and creative community’s laid-back lifestyle. Now, it’s also known as the most expensive real estate market in Colorado – and by quite a large margin.

Coldwell Banker ranked over 2,000 U.S. cities in its 2016 Home Listing Report. Because the average size home can vary greatly from market to market, the report compares the average price of four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes in each city to provide a more apples-to-apples comparison.

A sample-size home goes for an average of $929,496 in Boulder, which ranks 39th nationally and is nearly $275,000 more expensive than the next closest Colorado market.

While high, it feels like a bargain compared to California, where the average four-bedroom, two-bathroom home costs $2,453,718 in this year’s most expensive market in the country, Saratoga, California. Six of the top 10 most expensive markets are in Silicon Valley, and all 10 are in California.

“Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of innovation in the U.S. for years, with leading tech companies attracting some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the world,” said Charlie Young, president and chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Clearly, the amenities of the region are also impacting home prices.”

While there are 25 communities in the U.S. where the average price of a four-bed, two-bath home is more than $1 million, here in Colorado, the cities included on the report range from $929,496 in Boulder to $184,833 in Craig. Overall, the average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Colorado as a whole was $462,793.

Top 10 Most Expensive Markets in Colorado

Boulder, CO, $929,496
Carbondale, CO, $657,700
Westminster, CO, $655,571
Durango, CO, $638,032
Denver, CO, $610,773
Broomfield, CO, $579,595
Castle Rock, CO, $575,785
Centennial, CO, $550,835
Littleton, CO, $537,004
Longmont, CO, $505,080

Click here to view the full Colorado state ranking for 2016.

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