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Sage & Aera (from Elephant Revival) Lyons Community Farm

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Sage & Aera (from Elephant Revival) Lyons Community Farm

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May 19, 2024 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
315 5th Avenue

The Lyons Community Farm Project and Mountain Funk are asking the Lyons community to come together to celebrate spring and ourselves, not just as a community, but as a family. We have all experienced lots of loss and tragedy, and find ourselves gathering often to grieve. But this is an opportunity to gather and celebrate, please come join us for potluck lunch and concert!

We are blessed to have a familiar voice fill the spring air with beautiful music. Sage Cook and his wonderful partner Aera have agreed to play their wholesome songs for the event. Sage was an original member of Elephant Revival and his contribution to the band and their cosmic sound is tremendous. It is our intention to gather as a town, as a community and as a cosmic family to dance together in spring, amongst the butterflies and the bees in our very own amazing community farm.

We are advocating the principles of radical self reliance and ask that people bring their own chairs, water bottles, plates and utensils and pack out one’s own waste. Bring what dish you wish as we will need to replenish our energy from dancing. Any food waste will be composted and turned into next years soil. We are suggesting a $20 donation for the musicians. 10% of donations will also go to the the Lyons Community Farm Project.

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