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Inman News Features Community Eclipse Glasses Promotion

As Featured in Inman News 8/14/17

You might have next week’s eclipse already penciled into your planner — but do you have your protective glasses yet that will allow you to actually, you know, see it?

If you’re in Lyons, Colorado, and you happen to be connected to a savvy real estate agent, then she’s got you covered.

Laura Levy noticed that her neighbors on the community Facebook page were asking where they could find some, and because she’s “always looking to make marketing items that people actually want instead of things that just have my name on them,” she saw an opportunity.

She ordered a set of 500 a couple of weeks ago and got to make the “they’re here!” announcement late last week. (She’s got an order in for an additional 250, but as you can imagine, demand is pretty high, so she’s not sure if the supplier will be able to deliver).

“I put up a notice on the same Facebook page that said I’d be dropping them off at businesses around town, and business owners requested them,” she explained. “They were gone within hours. I kept notifying people through Facebook where they could get them, and they were showing up before my assistant even had a chance to drop them off.”